Board Of Trustees

Hidayat Jumani Welfare Trust is governed by Jumani ‘Group of Companies. The trust was established in 2009 under the Chairmanship of Mr. Muhammad Mubeen Jumani. All the financing for Hidayat Jumani Welfare Trust programs is provided by the trustees.

The Board of Trustees consists following members:

  1. Mr. Muhammad Mubeen Jumani
  2. Mr. Fahad Mubeen Jumani
  3. Mr. Faraz Mubeen Jumani
  4. Miss. Arisha Mubeen Jumani
  5. Mrs. Qamar Mubeen Jumani
  6. Mrs. Yasmeen Mubeen Jumani
  7. Mr. Ayaz Ali Mangi
  8. Mr. Shoaib ul Haque

Statutory Auditor

M/S. Reanda Haroon Zakaria & Company
Chartered Accountants
M-1-M4, Mezzanine Floor, Progressive Plaza,
Plot No. 5CL-10, Civil Lines Quarter,
Beaumont Road, Near Dawood Centre,
Karachi-75530 PAKISTAN

Special funds have been granted for social causes. The main object of the trust is to provide free education, medical services, arrangement expenses of marriages for orphans, to help widows, free ambulance service, construction of small houses for needy. Till todate Hidayat Jumani Welfare Trust has arranged marriages for more than 674 couples and provided rations to over 15,000 families on a yearly basis since 2009.

In the year of 2010, Pakistan was hit by heavy flood which was due to monsoon rains. Approximately one fifth of Pakistan’s total land was under water. The floods directly affected about 20 million people, mostly by destruction of property, livelihood and infrastructure. Due to flood situation, Hidayat Jumani Welfare Trust established 8 flood relief camps in different areas of Khairpur District and provided aid to the refuges for 7 weeks till the water subsided. In the future Hidayat Jumani Welfare Trust plans to establish a 100 bed hospital and an orphanage in Tando Masti area of District Khairpur, Sindh, Pakistan.